The Ledro Valley changes its colours during the winter, the blue of the lake and the green of the mountains are covered in a white blanket of snow allowing you to discover the area on snowshoes, skis or simply on foot thanks to easy itineraries suitable for the whole family. Discover all the activities: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing in Val Concei, the sledge path with in Tremalzo...



On the nature trail from Lenzumo across the forest, you can walk through the Val Concei along ancient beech and fir trees and lovingly tended huts until you reach Al Faggio.


During particularly cold winters, the Gorg d'Abiss waterfall freezes, offering an incomparable spectacle to those who venture along the short path that leads from Mulino dei Bugatini in Tiarno di Sotto to this gorge formed by the Massangla stream.


A journey through the works of art in the Pineta di Pur. Discover how art blends into the landscape through the seasons, when the pine forest is tinged with white.



Rifugio Pernici can be reached both from Valle di Ledro, through Val Concei, and from Riva del Garda.

  • From Val Concei take the road from Lenzumo. Drop and length depend on the amount of snow fallen on the road to Trat. 

  • From Riva del Garda it’s possible to drive to Malga Grassi, above the village of Campi. This is the less demanding route to reach Bocca di Trat and Rifugio Pernici.


Snowshoes walks on the white snow which covers this part of the valley so thickly. Tremalzo was once a little ski resort (1600 m).

Be careful, as the walk can be dangerous if snow isn’t properly settled or if there is too much.

  • CORNO DELLA MAROGNA - The Marogna area is not far from Rifugio Garda and can be reached following the old military road built by Italian soldiers during the First World War. 

  • CIMA AVEZ - Passo Dil, commonly called La Viola after the lady who used to run Rifugio Bezzecca, can also be reached form Albergo Garda walking towards Cima Avez, which offers beautiful views over the southern Adamello and the mountains surrounding Lake Idro.


In addition to beautiful walks, fun is guaranteed in Tremalzo for the whole family! At the Rifugio Garda you will find a sledge and bobsleigh slope with a lift.



Ski mountaineering

Because of the steepness of the mountains sides in Valle di Ledro, there aren’t many tracks  which are suitable for the winter months.

There are mountain guides to introduce newbies and beginners to the world of ski mountaineering, snowshoes, icefalls and freeride skiing.


Start from Rifugio Garibaldi (1500 m) and reach the top of Monte Tremalzo (1974 m), where the antenna is located. It’s quite an easy itinerary which unfolds through the woods and along the north-western side of the mountain. Return along the same way.


Start from Lenzumo (780 m – Whether it is possible to start further up depends on snow conditions) and reach Malga Trat (1500 m). Proceed towards Dos dei Seaoi and up to Cima Carèt (1793 m), directly over Lake Ledro. Snow conditions permitting, continue to Cima Parì (1990 m). On the way back, along the same route, it is possible to stop at Rifugio Pernici, which is open from 26 December to 8 January and during weekends in January and February.

Cross-country skiing

In quiet Val Concei, in Chinaec (2.5 km from Lenzumo, along the road to Rifugio Al Faggio), there is a cross-country skiing run. The whole run, which unfolds through Val Concei among green trees, is 3,5 km long. Starting from 5 pm till 9 pm, the run is partially illuminated.

Sci Club Ledrense, which runs the facility, is responsible for maintenance and for the organization of skiing courses for children and adults with qualified skiing instructors. Christmas courses for young people and children take place from 23 December to 5 January.

You get access to the skiing run for free but if you want to make a donation to the Sci Club click here.

Further information are to be found on the FB page of Sci Club Ledrense.



The Pernici Refuge is located in the mountains between Lake Garda and the Ledro Valley, in a splendid panoramic position at 1600 metres above sea level. In winter it is open every day from 26 December to 6 January.

The alpine hut can be reached from Valle di Ledro leaving from Lenzumo (800 m difference in altitude, 8 km) or from Malga Grassi, above Riva del Garda. It offers typical cuisine and a bar service. It has 30 beds and is a convenient base for excursions to discover the beautiful ridges and peaks that surround it.

Rifugio Pernici

Strada per Tremalzo, 15/a - 38067 Ledro

+39 349 330 1981 (Marco)


A small restaurant located on the slopes of Mount Tremalzo. Surrounded by nature, here you can enjoy a magnificent panorama, and all accompanied by simple and typical dishes.

In winter you can rent snowshoes and bobsleighs at the Rifugio Garda.

Rifugio Garda Tremalzo

Strada per Tremalzo, 15/a - 38067 Ledro

+39 0464 598105


The cosy atmosphere of Rifugio Garibaldi will make you feel at home... In the midst of nature, it is the starting point for beautiful walks or snowshoeing.

Rifugio Garibaldi Tremalzo

Strada per Tremalzo, 3 - 38067 Ledro

+39 0464 748054

+39 340 483 4986 (whatsapp)


The new museum, completely renovated in 2019, offers visitors a chance to explore Bronze Age daily life, thanks to reconstructions and the original remains of a pile-dwelling village (2200-1350 BC).

Brighter and more open than ever, the new Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum now has twice the space thanks to a major investment by the independent Province of Trento. 

In 2011 the pile-dwelling village, together with 110 other sites of the Alpine arch, have been listed as an UNESCO World Heritage.


Have you ever heard about a giant called Gilli? Come and visit its house in Bezzecca and discover lots of curiosities about this great man. The vaults and alleys of Bezzecca are home to the Giant's Christmas, offering food delicacies, local products and craft items.

Once again, the magic of Christmas fills the picturesque alleys and vaults of Bezzecca, the home village of the “childling” Bernardo Gilli, who amazed all of Europe in the 18th century with his astonishing height of 2.60 m! To celebrate this gentle giant, the village winds back the clock to the 18th century and puts on its best Christmas lights and decorations, giant-sized of course! In this enchanting setting, an array of colours, flavours and scents creates an intimate Christmas atmosphere rich in gastronomy, tradition, music and activities for the whole family.


During the winter let yourself be tempted by the delicious dishes of Valle di Ledro cuisine. Polenta di patate (i.e. potato polenta) warms up the spirit after a winter day, especially if it’s accompanied by venison or stew. Gnocchi boemi (i.e. Bohemian dumplings) are a legacy of the Great War, when the people of Ledro were evacuated to Bohemia.

A culinary journey to discover the history and traditions of Valle di Ledro, but not only! Let yourself be lead on a journey across the borders to faraway Bohemia with dishes such as Bohemian gnocchi and livanze, now an integral part of Ledro cuisine with Menu Ledro Esodo


Many events are organized to liven up Valle di Ledro during the winter. Concerts, Christmas markets, snowshoes walks, mulled wine under the Christmas tree and much more… Have a look at Events and News to discover more.

La valle di Ledro

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