Val Concei

Val Concei is the green lung of Valle di Ledro. It's covered by thick wood, suitable for enjoyable walks or mountain hikes to the tops of the mountains, like the Monte Cadria, the highest mountain of Valle di Ledro.
In Lenzumo starts the naturalistic path of Val Concei which goes, through meadows and forests until Rifugio al Faggio.

Tussen de dorpen Pieve en Bezzecca buigt er een weg naar rechts en duikt de Val Concei in. Dit dal is uitermate vredig en groen en is omringd door een schitterende bergketen met pieken die tot over de 2000 meter hoogte reiken.
In Val Concei zijn er drie kleine dorpen, te weten Locca, Enguiso en Lenzumo, die alle drie uitstekende uitgangspunten zijn voor avontuurlijke bergwandelingen. De rivier de Assat kronkelt door de vallei en voert het water dat afkomstig is van de berg Guì (1600 m), door de drie dorpen en vloeit in het dorp Bezzecca over in de rivier Massangla.
De naam ‘Concei’ is afkomstig van het Latijnse woord ‘concilium’ dat in de derde/vierde eeuw na Christus   een administratief orgaan was waar de inwoners van de Ledro-vallei stonden geregistreerd. Er liep een belangrijke Romeinse weg van Riva del Garda door de Val Concei door de naar de Chiese-vallei. Vele opgravingen langs deze weg verwijzen naar het bestaan van Lombardische nederzettingen: het kerkhof in Lenzumo en diverse graven in Enguiso en Locca.
Tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog (1915-1918), werden de dorpen in deze vallei grotendeels verwoest. Ook de kerken en de parochiearchieven gingen verloren.

In 2018, the wood carvers of Leder Legn took the legend of Gavardina the Fairy as their source of inspiration for their inaugural wood carving meeting. The woods near Rifugio Al Faggio has been turned into an enchanted forest where it is possible to walk among elves, fairies and wizards.

Gavardina, the Fairy
Once upon a time there was a fairy called Gavardina, whose melodious chant was the reason of wellness for the inhabitants of Ledro Valley, who felt safe thanks to her invisible protection. One day the fairy read in their thoughts a sense of discomfort, caused by the presence of some evil insects that were eating all the plants leaves. They were so attached to the nature of Ledro Valley that this event left them in a state of discontent. The fairy couldn’t help them because she was a good fairy, therefore she asked for help to the Snow Magician of Rendena Valley, who was willing to help the fairy and the Valley’s people to make the vegetation flourish again thanks to the help of his pixies. Unfortunately, the fairy’s mood didn’t change because she realized that the valley changed because of this misfortune: the inhabitants didn’t take care their land with love anymore, leaving it fallow and decaying. For this reason, the fairy decided to flee to her house in Fi Valley, just above Concei Valley. From that day nobody knows if she is still alive, nobody has walked up to drink from the seven springs or to hear her chant. The Fairy Gavardina reminds us how our ancestors were used to live in the mountains of Trentino with a respect of the bond between the land and themselves, which has radically changed in the last years. This lesson must be recalled every day… 

La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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