Lokale producten

In Valle di Ledro there are many different typical products, grown with great passion by our farmers and produced with great care by our artisans.
The most famous one surely is Picco Rosso, the bright red lstrawberry-based liquor, but in the last years many other products joined it: cheeses, vegetables (special mention goes to our purple potato), meat and fish, berries and last but not least the honey of our bees. The most recent addictions are the beer, brewed with the pure and fresh water of Valle di Ledro's springs and wine of local agricultures.

Liquors and fruity syrups

Foletto’s Pharmaceutic Laboratory offers you a vast production of liquors and syrups: in which raspberry, mint, blackberry, currant and marasca cherry are the only most common flavours.
Between the liquors, a special mention goes to Picco Rosso, famous for its high alcoholic strength (61°) and its bright red colour, that recalls the berries used to produced it: strawberries and raspberries. Produced for the first time during the Forties, since then it has been ‘re-invented’ and nowadays it is served in Ledro’s bar and cafès as ‘Picco Spritz’, fresh and original aperitif.


Cheese and other dairy products

Our farmers use only with the freshest milk to prepare their cheese, and there lies the secret of its goodness and authenticity. During every summer their cow move to green mountain pastures, where they find lush grazing land  and fresh, pure air: the best ingredients for scrumptious milk. The dairy production is available either in shops in Valle di Ledro, or directly at the Alpine huts where the farmers live during summer. In these huts you will be able to taste the freshest products and see first-hand how’s the life of a mountain farmer.

Where to find the products?

Azienda Agricola Batistì

Azienda Agricola Mora Giuliano

Azienda Agricola Latte Ledro  


Rich in vitamin A and C and in minerals, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and currant are natural allies of good health, wellness and beauty. Valle di Ledro’s berries grow in small, family-run farms, where every step of the berry’s growth is followed with great passion and care by the farmers.

Where to find the products?

Azienda Agricola Segalla

Azienda Agricola Tap 

Azienda Agricola Ca' Leoni 

Azienda Agricola "Bosc del Meneghì"

Piccoli frutti


Considered to be the ‘god’s food’ since ancient times, honey truly is, if not godly food, one of their gift to us: it has many therapeutic properties, it is  a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. The honey of Ledro is produced by very lucky bees, that fly from one flower to the other in a pure, unpolluted, lush environment.

Where to find the products?

Azienda Agricola Tap

Miele Piva Fausto 

Valle di Ledro's Purple Potato

The purple potato is a kind of potato well suited for Ledro's clime and environment.
In the past it was cultivated by Ledro's farmers and used to cook our famous potatoes' polenta, along with soups and dumplings. 

Where to find the products?

Azienda Agricola Segalla

patata viola

Meat and Meat Specialities

Valle di Ledro’s Butcher Shops propose you cuts of high-quality pork and bovine meat.
You can also try our specialities: Carne Salada (thin slices of beef seasoned with spices and that can be eaten raw or cooked), luganega ( a kind of sausage), speck and game’s salami and ‘mocette’.

Where to find the products?

Macelleria Cis 

Macelleria Zecchini

Alpine fishes

In the fresh, clean waters of Lake Ledro live and breed some of the finest species of fishes.
Armanini family
brings to your tables these tasty products since 1963, working and trading the best specimen of trout and arctic char that grow in their fish farm.

Where to find the products?

Farm-trout breeding Armanini