Val Concei is a side valley of Valle di Ledro, covered in meadows and woods. At the beginning of the valley are located three villages, Locca, Enguiso and Lenzumo. The Percorso naturalistico di fondovalle (i.e. Naturalistic Path along the valley) starts from Lenzumo and runs through the valley floor towards Rifugio Al Faggio. The mountains of Val Concei, which surround it like a crown, are the highest in Valle di Ledro. Monte Cadria, with its 2.254 m is the roof of Valle di Ledro.


Etymology: Locca, from the Latin locus, the centre of the Roman centuria. Enguiso, from the Latin inguen, groin, the mid-village of Val Concei. Lenzumo, from the Latin lanitium, a nod to the wool industry (lana is wool) which used to be an important part of the local economy.

Nickname: The inhabitants of the three villages of Val Concei, Locca, Enguiso and Lenzumo, are respectively called, orsi, bears, indifferenti, indifferents, and mozac. The nickname indifferenti dates back to the time of fascism. Whereas most houses in Valle di Ledro bore inscriptions on their walls, Enguiso was free of sayings, except for one house. This house bore the inscription: ‘Indifferents never made history, and they never will’.

What to see: The little church of St Martin in Locca, which dominates the village from above. The church of the Presentation of Mary in Enguiso. The Church of St Silvester in Lenzumo. The Naturalistic Path.

Festivals and traditions: The village festival in Locca, on the last Sunday in July, with caponec, a local delicacy. The village festival in Lenzumo, on the last Sunday in August, with the palo della cuccagna (a greasy maypole which contestants need to climb).

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Val Concei

Val Concei is the green lung of Valle di Ledro. It's covered by thick wood, suitable for enjoyable walks or mountain hikes to the tops of the mountains, like the Monte Cadria, the highest...

La valle di Ledro

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