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Since 1963 the family Armanini serves fresh mountain fish, processing and selling the best TROUTS and CHARS bred in her three own farms in Storo, Biacesa, Linfano di Arco and Deva: always fresh, genuine and natural products, ready to be tasted! Trouts and chars are provided in different forms: whole, gutted, filleted, cold smoked, hot smoked and marinated. In our farms you can also buy living trouts and chars, just caught from the farm basins. Biacesa di Ledro – Via Arcioni, 56 - Phone 0464 508299 Farm, shop OPENING HOURS: Tue - Fri 9-12 am / 2.30-6 pm - Monday and Saturday 9-12 am  Closed on Monday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

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La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

> Lago di Garda 15Km
> Utrecht 1100Km

> Milan 200Km
> Verona 90Km

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