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The history of human settling in Valle di Ledro is thousands of years old. 4.000 years ago, during the Bronze Age, the shores of Lake Ledro played host to a pile-dwelling village. In the last century, over 10.000 poles have been found. The discovery has garnered Lake Ledro the recognition of UNESCO. The museum and the village recreate the atmosphere of the village which must have reigned in the village back in the time of our forefathers.

Archaeological area

In 1929 the hydroelectric power plant of Riva del Garda started taking water from Lake Ledro. With the partial lowering of the water level, some wooden poles dating back to the Bronze Age came to light. So began the story of the Pile-Dwelling Museum of Lake Ledro. During the years over 10.000 poles have been found, as well as many objects, among which a wooden canoe.


Pile-Dwellings  of Lake Ledro – UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are several hundreds of pile-dwelling sites in the Alps. Only 111 of those, including Lake Ledro, have obtained the recognition of UNESCO. Since 2012 the “Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps” are a World Heritage Site. Heritage which must be preserved, but first and foremost properly valued and  handed down…

The museum

The Pile-Dwelling Museum of Lake Ledro is the living heart of ReLED, which groups together the museums of Valle di Ledro. It’s also part of a network of museums, which has the MUSE, the Science Museum of Trento, as its centre.

The building dates back to the 1970s. From simple container of archaeological finds, the it has managed to transform itself into a true museum. The museum now works as a showcase of showcases, a space in constant dialogue with its surroundings.

The archaeological activity has complemented the exhibit activity from the very beginning. From the 1990s the didactical work and the summer activities have been added as well.


The village

Saba, the wise shaman, Bacmor, the brave warrior, Massangla, the sweet maid, and Otzi, the wandering stranger, are the inhabitants of the pile-dwelling village on the shores of Lake Ledro.

Since 2006, three further huts have been added to the shaman’s hut, the true landmark of Lake Ledro. The hut of the village chief is where the cooking is done and the big decisions are taken. The hut of the craftsmen is where axes, bows and arrows are made. Then there’s the hut of the farmers, the fishermen and the hunters, with its ploughs and fishing nets. After 4.000 years the pile-dwellings of Lake Ledro have come back to life.

The main objective of the village is to recontextualise the objects held in the museum, to help the visitors form an idea of life during prehistory. The village also builds the background for the summer activities and for the didactic work all year long.

9 a.m. to 5 p.m:
Saturday 4* / Sunday 5*
Monday 6 / Tuesday 7* / Wednesday 8*
Saturday 11 / Sunday 12
Saturday 18 / Sunday 19
and from Sunday 26 to Thursday 30
(*) GUIDED TOURS / 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. / duration 1,5h / price 4€ / reservation recommended info and reservations
0464 508182 /


The Museum reopens on Wednesday 5 May from 09. 00-17. 00,

Seasonal opening
March – November every day
(closed January and February)

Opening times
March – June: 9am to 5pm
July and August: 10am to 6pm
September – November: 9am to 5pm


Standard: € 4,50
Concessions: € 3,50 (26- and 65+, groups of more than 15 people)
Family Ticket: 4,50 or 9,00 (1 or 2 parents with children under 18)
Free (children under 14, Trentino Guest Card holders)

Summer activities

In the months of July and August, the calendar of the Pile-Dwelling Museum is full of activities for children, teens, adults and families alike.

Shows, concerts, experimental and imitative archaeology workshops, the events of Living prehistory®, games and snacks build up the programme of Palafittando®. Since 2006 the summer has been kicked off by Palafittiadi®, the Olympics of prehistory.

On Sundays, the guests of Valle di Ledro have the chance to take a step back in time and to get to know the local producers, craftsmen and family-run businesses of Valle di Ledro at the same time.


Workshop: € 5,00
Guided visit: € 4,00 (free for children under 7)

La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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