Since the 1 January 2010 there is in Valle di Ledro only one big municipality, the municipality of Ledro, that includes the 13 little villages, once divided into six municipalities, situated along Valle di Ledro and rich in history, traditions and popular art.
Thanks to the 5500 inhabitants of Ledro, the municipality is the 13° in Trentino.
From east to west there are: Biacesa, Prè and Molina; Mezzolago and Pieve; Bezzecca; Concei with Locca, Enguiso and Lenzumo; Tiarno di Sotto and Tiarno di Sopra.

Biacesa, 38067 Biacesa di Ledro TN, Italia


Biacesa is the first village in Valle di Ledro coming up from Riva. It is from Biacesa, where start the links between Lake Ledro and Lake Garda, like the old mule-path to the Ponale harbour and the Ponale...

38067 Pré di Ledro TN, Italia


Prè is a small village at the feet of Mt. Carone. Every year the village welcomes the sun back (after its absence from November to February) with a feast (La Festa del Sole) that is celebrated at...

38067 Molina di Ledro TN, Italia

Molina di Ledro

The village of Molina di Ledro is located on the eastern shore of Lake Ledro. The Ponale stream cuts the village in two. On the right bank is Legos, on higher ground. On the left bank lies Molina, which...



Mezzolago is called the pearl of the lake due to its position on the shores of Lake Ledro, sheltered from the wind and sunny. The village is located at the feet of Dromaè and Monte Cima d’Oro....

38067 Pieve di Ledro TN, Italia

Pieve di Ledro

Pieve di Ledro is located on the western shore of Lake Ledro and is the religious centre of the valley. On the lakeside there is a large beach with toilets, beach volley court and playground. The alleys...

38067 Enguiso TN, Italia


Val Concei is a side valley of Valle di Ledro, covered in meadows and woods. At the beginning of the valley are located three villages, Locca, Enguiso and Lenzumo. The Percorso naturalistico di fondovalle...

38067 Bezzecca TN, Italia


Bezzecca is located on the banks of the Assat stream, which cuts the village into the two contrade of Villa and Lutta. Bezzecca is known for the Battle of Bezzecca, which saw the Austrians against the...

Tiarno di Sotto, 38067 Tiarno di Sotto TN, Italia

Tiarno di Sotto

Tiarno di Sotto is known to be the village of the rich people because of the several elegant houses you can admire walking in the centre, dominated by the stately church tower, 72 m...

Tiarno di Sopra, 38067 Ledro TN, Italia

Tiarno di Sopra

Tiarno di Sopra, the largest village in Valle di Ledro, is located at the entrance of the Val d’Ampola, between Valle di Ledro and the Giudicarie. The Rio Sacche runs through the village. It is crossed...

La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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