Tiarno di Sotto

Tiarno di Sotto is known to be the village of the rich people because of the several elegant houses you can admire walking in the centre, dominated by the stately church tower, 72 m high, the second higher in Trentino.


Etymology: From the local dialect, tia, the resinous pine-wood used to make pitch. In the 11th century the village of Tiarno split into Tiarno di Sopra (Upper Tiarno) and Tiarno di Sotto (Lower Tiarno).

Nickname: The inhabitants of Tiarno di Sotto are called ladri, thieves.

What to see: The church of St Bartholomew, whose bell tower, at 72 m, is the second tallest in Trentino and preserves some valuable paintings and a precious polyptych of 1587 that seems to be by the Tintoretto painting school. The little church of St George, on a hill overlooking Tiarno di Sotto. The waterfalls along the Massangla stream, among which is Gorg d’Abiss. The Roman Bridge of Croina.

Village festivals and traditions: Ferragosto tiarnese, with a competition among the contrade of Moi and Degara. St Francis Fair, on 4 October.

Venetian Domination: In the past, along the torrent Massangla there were seven venetian sawmills, a smithy and two mills. One of them belonged to the Family Bugatini and it hosts today a small museum.  From this mill you can easily reach the fascinating waterfall Gorg d'Abiss, following a small path into the forest.

Recommended walk:

Tiarno di Sotto


The waterfall Gorg D’Abiss is situated in Tiarno di Sotto, just 10 minutes from the water mill “Mulino dei Bugatini” along the steam Massangla. This waterfall, coming out of the rocks...

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