Tiarno di Sopra

Tiarno di Sopra, the largest village in Valle di Ledro, is located at the entrance of the Val d’Ampola, between Valle di Ledro and the Giudicarie. The Rio Sacche runs through the village. It is crossed by four small bridges. Tiarno di Sopra is divided into five contrade: Brì (the yellows), Cerì (the greens), Belisse (the blues), Nadri (the reds) e Violì (the violets). 

Etymology: From the local dialect, tia, the resinous pine-wood used to make pitch. In the 11th century the village of Tiarno split into Tiarno di Sopra (Upper Tiarno) and Tiarno di Sotto (Lower Tiarno).

Nickname: The inhabitants of Tiarno di Sopra are called asini, donkeys. A donkey competition used to take place during the village festival.

What to see: Church of St Peter and St Paul. Memorial to the Fallen of both World Wars. Lake Ampola, a protected area. The little church of Santa Croce along the road to Tremalzo. Tremalzo, a site of community interest, thanks to its special flora.

Village festivals and traditions: Festival of St Peter and St Paul, on the last Sunday in June. The donkey run, on the first Sunday in August.

Recommended walk:

38067 Tremalzo TN, Italia

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Tiarno di Sopra

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