The strudel is part of the middle-European culture. This dessert takes the name from its shape, the word “strudel” in German is in fact whirlwind. In Trentino, land of apples, it is a particularly widespread dessert. The strudel is normally made with the so called “crazy dough” (i.e. pasta matta), but there are several variations, including one with puff pastry. Every family has their own original recipe!

Ingredients of the strudel:

  • 130 g flour
  • 30 ml water
  • 1 spoon of seed oil
  • 1 egg
  • Salt
  • 5 Golden Delicious apples
  • 3 spoons of sugar
  • Lemon juice
  • Cinnamon
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Butter
  • Raisins
  • Rum

Cooking instructions of the strudel:

Mix flour and water, then add oil, egg, salt and knead until you obtain a homogeneous and elastic dough. Let the dough rest. In the meantime put the raisins to soak in the rum. Peal the apples, cut them in small pieces and add some lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon. Brown the breadcrumbs with butter. Drain the raisins and add them to the apples. Lay out a cloth on the table and dust it with flour. Stretch out thinly the pastry on the rag. Evenly distribute the breadcrumbs on the pastry and then add the apples. Roll it all together to create the typical whirlwind. Move the strudel on the baking tray previously covered with baking paper by helping yourself with the cloth. Finally, paint the whole dessert with melted butter and bake it in the pre-heated oven at 200° for 40 minutes.

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