Spring at Lake Ledro

In spring, Nature awakens and is at its best: it’s time to get back in form!

Regenerate in contact with Nature

As ice and snow melt, torrents swell and flow into Lake Ledro. It’s time to go looking for waterfalls! The Massangla torrent originates from Monte Nozzolo, it flows under the old Roman bridge of Croina and then springs from the rock forming the waterfall of Gorg d’Abiss, a hidden corner just a few minutes from Tiarno di Sotto. To walk in the shade of the trees along the banks of the Massangla torrent is a regenerating experience for body and mind.

The true protagonists of the spring landscape are the flowers which paint the meadows and mountains of Valle di Ledro. Peonies grow along the botanical path which leads from Mezzolago to Dromaè, whose meadows turn into a white sea during the daffodils bloom, from April to May. The festa della fioritura (is a moment for celebrating and for truly enjoying the spring bloom of daffodils and peonies together with friends and family. You don’t need to go to Japan to experience hanami!


Tremalzo has been a magnet for botanicals for over a century. The area can boast 21 endemisms, species which do not grow anywhere else. The water of Lake Ampola are the perfect habitat for brandy-bottles, yellow water-lilies which come into bloom from April. The meadows of Cadrione and the fields above Legos are the land of wild flowers, an explosion of forms and colours. Along the Ponale path, the Alpine vegetation gives way to Mediterranean plants like fig trees, cypresses and holm oaks.

This incredible biodiversity has won Valle di Ledro the recognition of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Get back into form in a natural playground

Valle di Ledro is a natural playground. In spring, when snow melts, the mountains can again be enjoyed in full. It’s time to hang up snowshoes and skis and take up trekking shoes, mountain bikes and climbing gear once again.

With many kilometres of well-marked paths and MTB tracks, opportunities to explore Valle di Ledro certainly don’t lack! The waters of Lake Ledro start getting warmer as well. The bravest can dare a good swim, the others can enjoy a canoe or a sailing trip.


Detox with good food

The flavours of Valle di Ledro are those of the alpine grassland, of the lake, of the wood. Cheese, honey, berries, lake and torrent fish, herbs and meats are the most authentic flavours of the region. Safran and violet potatoes are unexpected pearls.

Who says that eating necessarily equals putting on weight. Natural ingredients prepared according to tradition ow with a touch of creativity can be a perfect way of detoxing e purifying, the perfect end to a day spent in the outdoors.

Awaken your mind with culture

The Pile-Dwellings Museum of Lake Ledro, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the heart of the museum network of Valle di Ledro (ReLED). The museum exhibits objects and findings of a pile-dwelling settlement of the Bronze Age (4000 years ago). After significant renovation works, the museum will reopen to the public in a renovated building and with some changes in the exhibition itself.

May is also when activities resumes at the Visitor Centre of Lake Ampola, one of the few water bodies still in its natural state with its concentric vegetation circles. The name of the centre “Beati come rane su una foglia di ninfea” (Happy like frogs on a water-lily leaf; Italian translation of Tom Robbin’s novel’s title “Half-Asleep in Frog Pajamas”). Expresses the centre’s vocation to show to the visitors the world of the lake through its inhabitants’ eyes: frogs, tadpoles, water birds and curious insects.


La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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