RUN 1 - Around Lake Ledro

Path that goes around the perimeter of Lake Ledro, it does not involve any particular technical difficulties. The start is situated in Pieve by the beach but, being a circular path, you can start where you prefer. From Pieve you take the dirt path around the lake that lead to Mezzolago, where you cross the main road to reach the village centre famous for houses and arcades decorated. Beside the church you take Via Belvedere, from  where you can enjoy the beautiful view on the Lake Ledro and then you return, after crossing the main road again, to the promenade around the lake that pass along the beach Besta. From Molina to Pur you walk on a promiscuous pave, then you continue throughout a path surrounded by green beeches.  The last part of the run, from the Sailing Club to the starting point, is on Lake Ledro. RUN 1A Around Lake Ledro – variation A Short variation of RUN 1 to avoid the stretch on promiscuous way from Molina to Pur. After Molina, where the lake describes an ample bay, there is a “calchera” on the left (an old oven to the production of the lime). From there starts a trail, at the beginning in ascent, but then it becomes level offering wonderful views on Lake Ledro. You climb down at the start of the Val Casarino, where you can find the Hotel Maroni, so you return to the lake to carry on with the classic round of the lake. RUN 1B Giro del Lago – Ledro Land Art Ledro Land Art is the new stage of an ancient dialogue between artistic creativity and the natural territory, a work in progress for a journey of art in the green developed in the earth of the Valley of Ledro. In Pur, along the foot path leading on the bank of the torrent Assat to Malga Cita, the landscape becomes guardian and partner of 16 different new works in 2012 and 2013. Within the increase in value of the pine forest, the municipality gave their go, which is characterized by the integration of art and nature, respect for the environment, the rediscovery the landscape and its connection with the history and traditions of the territory. The focus of the project, the context and the object, the reflection of the involved artists, is the area itself, used by the term Land Art, used as a container in the emergence of very different works, even those which are not related to the history current.

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La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

> lago di Garda 15Km
> Milano 200Km

> Brescia 80Km
> Verona 90Km

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