Recipes of Lake Ledro

the typical cuisine is very similar to the typical one of Trentino but there are some extra dished like the famous potatoes polenta or the Bohemian dumplings, a Czech dish brought to Valle di Ledro after the exodus during the Great War.
To discover the local food and the local products, the restaurants of Valle di Ledro organize Menu Ledro, special typical menues.


Discover the local products and the restaurants of Valle di Ledro, Garda Trentino and Vallagarina


Here you find a selection of the main recipes of the plates of Valle di Ledro

38067 Pieve di Ledro TN, Italia

Potatoes Polenta

Potato polenta is as traditional and typical as it gets in Valle di Ledro. The main ingredient, the potato, was to be found in every home. Every family used to have a piece of land to farm. Cheese, butter,...

Polenta carbonera

The polenta carbonera, a variation of the classic corn polenta, is hailing from Valley of Chiese. It is made with “yellow flour” of Storo (a village in the before mentioned valley). The “gold”...


It's a typical recipe of some of Ledro Valley villages. It consists in a delicious delicacy in particular prepared at the end of the summer, for the occasion of the popular country festivals.

Gnocchi boemi

During the First World War, the population of Valle di Ledro was evacuated to Bohemia and Moravia. During the war years, the women from Trentino learnt how to cook some Bohemian dishes, which have since...


Herbs and bread are the main ingredients to make strangolapreti (i.e. priests stranglers), the green Trentini “gnocchi”, a classic at grandma's table as well as at mountain shelter's....


Canederli (traditional dumplings) are another example of leftover recipe. In Trentino, they are usually made with a mixture of lucanica sausage and speck. By tradition, they can be served in broth or with...

Carne salada

Carne salada is typical of Southern Trentino, particularly Valle di Ledro and Alto Garda. It is made by putting beef rump into brine for a few weeks. The peace of meat must be kept in a dark place and...


Bread has always been an important part of the local cuisine. Stale bread was never thrown away, since it could have always been re-used in several appetizing dishes, like for example, the peverà,...

Char and trout

The spring water of Ledro Valley is ideal for the livestock of Salmonidae, especially trout and char. ...


The livance (pronunciation: livantze) are another typical dish which comes from the Bohemian tradition. It consists in a sort of pancakes served with powdered sugar and jam. They are usually baked on the...


The strudel is part of the middle-European culture. This dessert takes the name from its shape, the word “strudel” in German is in fact whirlwind. In Trentino, land of apples, it is a particularly...

Picco Spritz

Refreshing aperitif made with Picco Rosso, a typical liquor of Valle di Ledro made from strawberries and raspberries.

La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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