Prè is a small village at the feet of Mt. Carone. Every year the village welcomes the sun back (after its absence from November to February) with a feast (La Festa del Sole) that is celebrated at beginning of February.

Etymology: Pré means meadows in the local dialect.

Nickname: The inhabitants of Prè are called the malmauri, the unripe, because sunlight is absent from their village for most of the Autumn and the Winter.

What to see: Church of San Giacomo. Forge of the ciuaröi, where the old tradition of making broche, shoe nails, lives still. Leano, on the mountains above Pré, is an actual hamlet which comes to life during  the Summer, when the inhabitants of Pré, and not only they, seek peace and fresh in the mountains.

Village festivals and traditions: The Festa del sol (i.e. Festival of the Sun), to celebrate the moment the sun comes back to Pré in February. The day of St Anthony in Leano, mid-August.

Nail-smithy: In the nail-smithy, the ciuaröi (as the artisans who manufacture nails are called) occasionally still give demonstration of their craft for large groups (by appointment only). The smithy is supplied with a hearth and four workbenches and houses a huge collection of tools and brocche, the nails used to preserve the shoe soles (sgalmere). Until the Second World War the manufacturing of shoe nails was key to the economy of Ledro. During the First World War men who were able to make shoe nails were even exempted from the front as long as they could guarantee a production of 1000 nails a day.

Suggested tour:


Hob-nail Smithy

The Fucina de le Broche allows us to see how nails were forged for the footwear worn until halfway through the last century. This was an important business in the Valle di Ledro, and considered an essential...

La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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