Potatoes Polenta

Potato polenta is as traditional and typical as it gets in Valle di Ledro. The main ingredient, the potato, was to be found in every home. Every family used to have a piece of land to farm. Cheese, butter, flour and lucanica (a kind of sausage) were also homemade and readily available.

Ingredients for potato polenta:

  • 5 kg potatoes (better if not new)
  • 400 g flour (half wheat and half buckwheat)
  • 300 g cheese
  • 200 g lucanica
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Pepper

Cooking instructions for potato polenta:

Peel the potatoes and let them cook in water in a copper cauldron. In a plate mix the two kinds of flour, the salt and the pepper. Cut the cheese into rough cubes. Cut down the lucanica and fry it in oil. Drain the cooked potatoes and smash them with a special tool called pilot. Add in the flour, the oil, the lucanica and the cheese. Keep on mixing until a crust forms on the cauldron. Pour the polenta onto a wooden board. Polenta di patate is often served with stew, venison or rabbit.

The recipe has been shared by the guests of the 'Giacomo Cis' retirement home.

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