Polenta carbonera

The polenta carbonera, a variation of the classic corn polenta, is hailing from Valley of Chiese. It is made with “yellow flour” of Storo (a village in the before mentioned valley). The “gold” of Storo has a bright red colour which makes it unmistakable.

Ingredients of polenta carbonera:

  •  4 l water
  • 1 kg Storo yellow flour
  • 400 g butter
  • Onion
  • 1 kg lucanica
  • 500 g seasoned cheese
  • 500 g soft cheese
  • 200 g Trentingrana
  • 2 glasses of wine
  • Salt
  • Pepper

 Cooking instructions of polenta carbonera:

Boil the water in a ‘paiolo’ (cauldron). Add the rock salt. Pour the flour evenly across the whole pot and mix quickly with a whisk to avoid the formation of lumps in the dough. Let it rest for a few minutes and boil it back while rotating counter-clockwise with the ‘trisa’ (big and long wooden ladle). In the meantime, prepare in another pot the sautéed onion with the butter and the lucanica. Pour the red wine and let it evaporate. Cut the cheese in small pieces and keep it on the side. At the end of the cooking time, add the sautéed onion with butter and salami, the sliced cheeses, the Parmesan and some pepper. ‘Trisare’ (knead) and serve on a wooden chopping board when the soft cheese is almost melted.

The recipe was shared with us by Consorzio Turistico Valle del Chiese

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