Pieve di Ledro

Pieve di Ledro is located on the western shore of Lake Ledro and is the religious centre of the valley. On the lakeside there is a large beach with toilets, beach volley court and playground. The alleys of the village centre provide picturesque views. In the village there are also small shops to be found. From Whitsunday to September a market takes place on Thursdays.


Etymology: From the Latin plebs, meaning the religious centre of a community. Pieve di Ledro is the seat of the municipality of Ledro.

Nickname: The inhabitants of Pieve are called spasseggianti, strollers, because they are thought to have a more easy-going approach to life compared to the other villagers of Valle di Ledro.

What to see: The Church of the Annunciation, with its onion shaped tower. The Foletto Pharmaceutical Museum, which tells the story of the production of medicines, liquors and syrups with the herbs and berries of Valle di Ledro. The Oratory of St Joseph, which is home to art and photo exhibitions over the Summer. The photography exhibition La memoria in mostra (i.e. The memory on show) to discover more about the history of the village.

Festivals and traditions: The Fiera di San Michele, the desmontegada of Valle di Ledro (i.e. when the cows come back from the mountains in autumn). Whitsunday market, to commemorate the vow, which saved Valle di Ledro from the plague.

Recommended walk:

38067 Pieve di Ledro TN, Italia

Pharmacy Lab Foletto's Museum

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La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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