In Valle di Ledro grow several kinds of mushrooms such as boletus, sweet tooth, chaneterelle....
To collect mushrooms in Valle di Ledro you must buy the specific permit, according to the local law.

In Valle di Ledro, as in the rest of Trentino, the following rules apply for mushroom picking:

  • The collector must have a collection permit issued by the municipality in which the collection is carried out*.
  • Mushroom picking is limited to 2kg per day per person over the age of ten. The 2kg limit does not apply if a single specimen exceeds this weight.
  • Harvesting may only take place between 7am and 7pm.
  • It is forbidden to damage or destroy the mushrooms and to use any means that may cause damage to the ground when picking them.
  • Mushrooms must be cleaned thoroughly at the picking site and only be transported in rigid, perforated containers (e.g. baskets). The use of plastic bags and the like is prohibited.
  • Collection may be prohibited by the landowner by means of prohibition signs.
  • There are fines for those who do not comply with the law.
  • Avoid picking specimens that are too young (dangerous because they are difficult to recognise) or too old (dangerous because they are likely to have deteriorated and in any case unattractive).
  • Mushrooms should be picked whole and not cut.
  • The mushroom should then be stripped of any soil or other residue so that it can be transported clean later.

How to purchase a permit for the MUNICIPALITY of LEDRO:
- At the Tourist Office in Via Nuova 7, Pieve - Ledro ;
- At Locanda Ampola in Tiarno di Sopra;
1 day 15 €;
3 days 20 €;
1 week 25 €;
2 weeks 40 €;
1 month 60 €.

Those who are entitled to the 30% reduction, together with the receipt of the payment or the permit, must be in possession of an identification document and possible self-certification to prove the right to any exemptions or reductions.

La valle di Ledro

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