MaB Akpi Ledrensi e Judicaria

A treasure trove of cultural and natural biodiversity between the Alps and the Mediterranean

Set between Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites, the Alpi Ledrensi - Judicaria Biosphere Reserve has been acknowledged as such not only because of its exceptional biodiversity and amazing historical-cultural heritage, but also because of the balance it has achieved between man and nature throughout the centuries. Although the Reserve is just 30 km long as the crow flies, the difference in elevation within its boundaries exceeds 3,000 metres, thus including very diverse environments: Dolomite peaks, the banks of the Sarca and Chiese rivers, the agricultural terraces of Tennese and the narrow Alpine valleys of Val di Ledro, the lush natural amphitheatre of Giudicarie Esteriori and the high-elevation pastures of Malga Alpo in the Chiese valley.


Not less importance have the historical and archaeological findings attesting how ancient and continuous human presence is in this area. This incredible historical and natural heritage is effectively managed, taken care of and promoted by a network of bodies, each one having its own competences and characteristics, and working in collaboration with numerous local associations.

Furthermore, a tradition of collective use of resources has made local communities ready to experiment innovative and sustainable solutions for the area’s social, economic and cultural development.

La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

> lago di Garda 15Km
> Milano 200Km

> Brescia 80Km
> Verona 90Km

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