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With LOL you can spend unforgettable days immersed in the beauty of Lake Garda, Trentino and the rest of the Alps; new adventures, trying the sport that fascinates you most.Followed by professional alpine guides who want to transmit you their passion with love and fun.L.O.L with his team will organize perfect days for you, your friends or your family. Choose the activity and bring with you the desire to discover new experiences, and we will put our professionalism, passion and everything you need to spend indelible days on Lake Garda, Trentino and the rest of the Alps. The only risk you run is to have fun, L.O.L the perfect choice for your memorable days in the nature !!

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La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

> lago di Garda 15Km
> Milano 200Km

> Brescia 80Km
> Verona 90Km

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