Lake Ledro

Lake Ledro is one of the cleanest lakes in Trentino and during the summer it reaches a temperature of 24 degrees, which allows nice swim and a lot of relax in one of the four beaches around the lake. One is also open for dogs, who can also lie in the sun.
It is possible to rent a canoe or a sailing boat and cross the lake from one side to the other (the lake is 3 km long and 1,5 km wide, all around is about 10 km that one can also walk or bike).

The Lago di Ledro boasts four fully-equipped beaches offering pleasant and relaxing moments to visitors. Its clear waters, undisturbed by strong winds, are ideal for many forms of water sport, including canoeing, windsurfing and sailing.PIEVE DI LEDRO
The public beach of Pieve di Ledro, on the north-western shore of Lago di Ledro, is divided into three areas and enjoys a number of facilities including a beach volley court, an abundance of free parking, bars and pizzerias, a children's playground and a mini-golf course.


The public beach of MezzoLago, on the northern shore of Lago di Ledro and a short distance from the town, offers an open lawn area ideal for relaxation, equipped with a children's car-park and picnic tables, as well as the beach itself with its floating pontoon. Parking is free.

The public beach of Molina di Ledro in Besta is located on the south eastern shore, with an ample lawn area for relaxation and sunbathing, a beach volley court and tennis courts, toilets, a large paying car-park and bar.

The public beach of Pur is the quietest in the valley and is located on the southern shores of Lago di Ledro; it has a large open lawn area, a children's playground, free parking, with bars and a pizzeria in the vicinity. There is another nearby beach where dogs are welcome.


Part of the beach in Pur, in the southern part of the lake, is open for dogs, who can enjoy the sun and the lake together with its friends.

Moreover, along the walk around Lake Ledro, there are dispenser with bags to collect dog's dejections.



In Pieve di Ledro is also located the Sailing Club of Lake Ledro, that host international sailing regattas, like the Women Match Race J22 and the Team Racing Ioda European Championship Optimist and organizes lessons for children during the summer.

Also the canoeing association organizes private lessons by the beach Besta in Molina. It is also possible to rent all the equipment. (A.S.D. Canoa Kayak Storo Ledro Antonio: Tel. 348-7720199 - - Bruno: Tel. 328-8288527 -


The passionately fond of fishing, find an ideal habitat rich of fish. Here are some of the fish you can find in the lake: trut, perch, bleak, whitefish, tench, pike and eel. If you want to fish in Lake Ledro you need a permits.



The origin of Lake Ledro is due to a morainal bank of the fourth glacial era, even though from 1929 its level is conditioned by the energy requirements of the hydroelectric power station of Riva del Garda that use the water of the lake to produce electricity.

The Lake' sources are mainly under water but there are also some tributaries like Massangla, Assat of Pur, Assat of Pieve, however dry the most part of the year.

Lake Ledro is also best known for the discovery of an archaeological area situated on the east river of the lake. The area was discovered when the level of the lake was lowered to supply the hydroelectric plant being built at Riva del Garda. This archaeological site is one of the most important in Europe for extent and wealth of the manufactures.


  • Square measure: 2,2 kmq
  • Perimeter: 8,9 km
  • Maximum depth: 48
  • Average depth: 35 m
  • Average altitude: 655 m
  • Principal tributaries: Massangla, Assat di Pieve, Assat di Pur
  • Principal Outflowing: Ponale             

La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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