Lake Ampola

Lago d'Ampola is an area of particular natural interest thanks to its particular environment rich in vegetation that provides a habitat for a wide range of animal life. A wooden walkway allows the visitors to admire the grasslandm, the reeds and the lake, covered by water lilies. During the summer months, the Visitor Centre of Lake Ampola is open.

Lago d'Ampola, splendidly set in the upper Val di Ledro near to the western boundaries of Trentino in an area naturally shored up and blocked by flooding, is one of the few remaining lakes still conserved in its original state, its shores surrounded by concentric rings of vegetation, including yellow water lilies, reeds, marsh, sedgeland, waterlogged grassland and finally meadows.
Even if the current ban on swimming in Lago d'Ampola were not in place, bathing would be impossible anyway since its shores are still in their natural state, in other words rich in vegetation and more suited to the needs and habits of water fowl, amphibians and reptiles than those of human beings. Which doesn't mean the latter are unwelcome. Far from it!

Here visitors have the chance to get to know the environment in its pristine state, safe in the knowledge that they are not disturbing nature. An elevated walkway allows visitors to wander over the sedgeland, admiring the colours of the orchid blooms, to observe the main species of aquatic flora in a mini-biotope, or even to learn the names of the species growing on land along the fascinating botanic trail.

But the real treat is without doubt the Visitors' Centre. Here visitors feel they are really seeing and discovering the various areas of Lago d'Ampola. First the wetlands and their inhabitants, fowl in pride of place, after which our virtual tour continues on into the water, where a large aquarium is the centrepiece.

Lake Ampola is part of  ReLed, the Museum Network of Valle di Ledro.


Open May to September - Closed Mondays. Opening hours 10-13 14-18
Free entrance 

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