Hydroelectric Power Plant Riva del Garda

A monumental power plant built on the banks of the lake in the twenties to plans by D’Annunzio’s architect Giancarlo Maroni, who had previously designed the Vittoriale degli Italiani (Shrine to Italian victories).
An unexpected, exciting visitor experience, with original multimedia installations, somewhere to visit but also to “have fun”. A unique opportunity for everyone, adults and children alike, to discover how water is turned into clean energy.
The Riva del Garda Hydroelectric power plant, majestic and imposing in its position overlooking the lake, is a jewel of architecture and engineering and looks forward to welcoming you with all its wondrous sights

Hydrotour Dolomiti: make way for energy, make room for wonder. A one-of-a-kind experience in Italy.

One of its kind in Italy, a tour that reveals where water becomes energy.

Trentino is one of the biggest producers of clean energy in Italy and Hydrotour Dolomiti is a fascinating journey into this extraordinary region and its hydroelectric power plants, giving visitors a close-up look at how the energy of water becomes energy for life.

Unusual routes, with interactive simulation, original multimedia installations and specific trips for schools make a visit to these jewels of architecture and engineering in an unforgettable experience. The heritage of generations, today’s technologies and an open outlook for the future, all surrounded by the breath-taking views in this region of undisputed beauty.

Hydrotour Dolomiti is a truly surprising experience, suitable for everyone, adults and children alike. It is one of its kind in Italy and currently takes in the power plants of Santa Massenza and Riva del Garda and their wondrous sights. A journey into clean energy, for understanding, learning and wondering before the intelligence of man and the force of nature. 

La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

> lago di Garda 15Km
> Milano 200Km

> Brescia 80Km
> Verona 90Km

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