Autumn and foliage

In autumn, the woods and landscapes of Valle di Ledro turn into a palette full of colours ranging from yellow to brown, from orange to red. The spectacle of foliage is a spectacle not to be missed when walking on the valley floor or hiking high in the mountains. Autumn is also the time of mushroom hunting and of bird migrations over Bocca Casèt in Tremalzo


Valle di Ledro is covered with woods of beeches and broadleaved trees. From Lake Garda via the Ponale path to Lake Ledro and the summits of Val Concei, it is a triumph of autumnal colours and landscapes.

Numerous hiking and MTB tracks are ideal for exploring the Autumn landscape of Valle di Ledro. The tour of Lake Ledro, perfect in every season of the year; Passo Nota, rich in woods and meadows; The little church of San Martino, a beautiful viewpoint over Val Concei; Bocca Trat, where majestic beech trees are able to grow despite the altitude thanks to the mitigating influence of Lake Garda; The little church of San Giorgio in Tiarno di Sotto, surrounded by … ; Malga Vies, where there’s a mix of broadleaved and evergreen trees; Tremalzo, where, besides the wonderful autumnal colours, there are wonderful views over Lake Ledro and Lake Garda to enjoy.

Here are some routes to discover the Autumn foliage in Valle di Ledro.


From mid-August to mid-October the scientists of MUSE (Museum of Natural Science) are at Bocca Caset (1,600 m) near Tremalzo to research the migratory birds flying over the pass in flocks. During the migratory season special nets are erected to capture the birds, which then get measured, weighed and ringed before being set free on their journey southwards. All the gathered data goes into a Europe-wide database to research the migratory routes of birds.

The experts of MUSE are available to explain about their bird ringing work and the migratory habits of birds. The centre is in operation seven days a week. The best time to visit is at 10 in the morning.


Autumn is the best time for mushrooms, many types of which can be found in Valle di Ledro: chanterelles, penny buns, sweet teeth and bloody milk caps… In order to pick mushrooms, one must have a mushroom permit issued according to the regulations of the municipality of Ledro.

La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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