Water Sports on Lake Ledro

In the calm and crystal clear water of Lake Ladro it is possible to practise a lot of different sports: sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, wakeboarding, fishing and of course swimming.  Many believe that it would not be safe to swim in a lake, because of its dangerous currents, but Lake Ladre is absolutely safe to swim in. Truth to be told, you could even consider it a giant, natural swimming pool! 

Lake Ledro is also one of the cleanest lakes in Trentino and during the summer it reaches a temperature of 24 degrees, which allows nice swim and a lot of relax in one of the four beaches around the lake. One is also open for dogs, who can  lie in the sun and play in the water togheter with their human friends.

Along the rivers of the Lake have been realized four beaches. Those beaches are located in Molina di Ledro (Besta), in Mezzolago, in Pieve di Ledro and in Pur, where it is located also the dog friendly beach. Nearby the beaches it is possible to rent pedaloes, rowing boats, sailing boats, surf and canoes in order to enjoy the lake 100%. 

It is possible to rent a canoe or a sailing boat and cross the lake from one side to the other (the lake is 3 km long and 1,5 km wide, all around is about 10 km that one can also walk or bike).



The Sailing Club of Lake Ledro, located in Pieve di Ledro, hosts every year numerous international sailing regattas, like the Women Match Race J22 and the Team Racing Ioda European Championship Optimist. It also organizes sailing courses for children (5 days long) and adults (2 days long).

The Canoeing Association, instead, is located in Molina di Ledro, and organizes private lessons by the beach Besta in Molina.

It is also possible to rent all the equipment.

Furthermore, in Mezzolago it is possible to rent catamarans and saling boat, while in Pieve, at Tarolli's rental Shop, pedaloes and windsurfs are available.



On Lake Ledro you can easily practice Windurfing, as the wind conditions on this lake allow people to get on tours that are not too demanding. During the summer season, you have the possibility to join a windurf course organised by Noleggio Tarolli, or you can just rent a windsurf board and go solo.

The Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in the last few years has become one of the best way to practice an active sport and also have fun. In Valle di Ledro it's possible to rent a board and go solo on the surface of Lake Ledro.      


The beautiful Lake Ledro, precisely the Pur area, offers the chance of practicing waterski, snowboard and surf all at once! Playing wakeboard is simple and amusing: you are pulled on a board like on a sky lift and from the middle of April throughout September you can try this awesome sport everyday from 10am to 7pm.



The passionately fond of fishing, find here at Lake Ledro an ideal habitat rich of fish.
Here are some of the fish you can find in the lake: fario trouts, rainbow toruts,  perches, bleaks, whitefishes, tenches, pikes and eels. If you want to fish in Lake Ledro you need a permit (daily or weekly) available at the Tourist Information Office in Pieve ot in other shops or cafés.
The permit costs 10,00 € for one day and 30,00 € for one week.
Children until 14 years old they can buy a fishing permit (€ 5,00 for one day; € 15,00 for one week) and fish only with an adult who has the permit
Carp–fishing is allowed with regular permit during the night from 1 July to 30 September.     


La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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