Biacesa is the first village in Valle di Ledro coming up from Riva. It is from Biacesa, where start the links between Lake Ledro and Lake Garda, like the old mule-path to the Ponale harbour and the Ponale road. Moreover, from Biacesa starts the famous via ferrata to Cima Capi.

Etymology: From the Latin bis caesa, twice cut, once by the road to the Ponale harbour, once by the road to Valle di Ledro.

Nickname: The inhabitants of Biacesa are called the canibali, the cannibals.

Sights: Church of St Anthony in Biacesa. Little church of St John above the village. Fortifications of the Great War along the Defensionsmauer. Ponale road.

Village festivals and traditions: Christmas cribs and tableau vivant during Christmas time.

Recommended tour: Defensionmauer


Cesta Ponale

Klikatá cesta, postavená kolem poloviny 19. století podle odvážného projektu Giacoma Cis (1782 – 1851), aby spojila údolí Valle di Ledro s jezerem...

La valle di Ledro

What you can find at Lake Ledro and surroundings

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